Thursday, October 25, 2012

Salta, Argentina

Salta: Staying at Hotel:  Carpe Diem
Arrived on October 25th at 10:00PM about two hour late, the bus did not leave n time in Chile.
This was the most spectacular bus ride (10 hours) reaching 5,000 meters across the Andes. The city is hot but we have a great place to stay and relax. Will be on our way to Tilcare North 4 hours to visit some really old ruins and great landscape.

Salta is a city located in the Lerma Valley, at 1,152 meters (3780 feet) above sea level in the north west part of Argentina and it is also the name for the capital city of the Salta Province. Along with its metropolitan area, it has a population of 1,215,207 inhabitants according to the Digital Encyclopedia of Salta portaldesalta, which makes it the second most populated city in the northwest of the country. Within Argentina, Salta is the city which has preserved its colonial architecture the best.

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