Monday, October 29, 2012

Tilcara Humahuaca

Tilcara, Argentina
Heritage of Humanity
Tilcara Center
Arrived in Tilcara by one of the 10 – 15 daily buses that leave Salta for this northern route.
Of course about half of the bus was backpackers that also left at this town, the bus continues to the Bolivian border. We are here for a 3 night stay.
It is dry and high here – dust everywhere, it rains about 114 mm a year.
Many pre-Hispanic sites are around this town. Some can be reached by bus, car or hiking.
Pucara ruins is located within 1 mile and was a shelter for the Fiscara (local people) one fifth of the site has been reconstructed. 
We will be taking a bus trip to Humahuaca  for a day and return to Salta after that.


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